We’re an award-winning sales & marketing consultancy, specialising in ethical business development for successful medical aesthetics clinics and practitioners.

We build aesthetic entrepreneurs, and we do it in a very unique way.

Our clients typically say that they have challenges in standing out from the competition, driving growth and additional profit, and achieving regulatory compliance.

We know that the most successful businesses are unique, and therefore we cater to the individual. Each one of our consultancy projects is tailor-made and bespoke. We don’t do one size fits all because neither should you.

With a combination of psychological profiling and business coaching, we work closely with you to connect you to your customers, maximise your revenue, creating an engaging brand, and optimise your product and service suite.

Our courses, workshops and consultancy will create the right culture and environment. And our unique ORBIT methodology, often supported by the iConsult Software, will maximise the value of your customer relationships, achieve compliance and drive business profits.

With over 15 years of experience in working with innovation-focussed aesthetic clinics, our proven methodologies are the perfect tools to help you turn your customers into clients.

Richard Crawford-Small is an award-winning consultant who specialises in helping aesthetic and beauty businesses make more revenue per client.

Richard started his first consultancy business just after leaving the Royal Navy, working for the Ministry of Defence in London. He is now the founder of iConsult and the creator of the award-winning iConsult Software system. During his 15 years in the UK medical aesthetic industry, Richard has provided business development and sales & marketing consultancy to small, independent practices through to large multisite chains. He is passionate about ensuring that his clients get the right people, in the right places, doing the right things, for the right result.

The success of iConsult led Richard to create the O.R.B.I.T business development blueprint which focuses on helping medical aesthetic businesses create and implement change, launch new products and relaunch existing ones.